Darwin Triple Crown

And who would not be excited with Darwin Triple Crown V8 supercars championship? It is an event being held annually, featuring Supercars racing and roaring on track. The event is happening on a three-day weekend, hence expect three days of non-stop speed from professional race car drivers with their high-speed cars.

Although adrenaline rush is something you expect from car racings, this event offers more than that. Not only big boys can enjoy this once in a year event but the entire family.

Great accommodation

Hotels around Darwin know that huge crowd will arrive hence they prepare their rooms to give their visitors the most comfortable accommodation. It is not all about cars that people go to this event, but also to relax and spend some quality time with their friends and family.

With the many options of accommodations that you can choose from, you would never regret spending your weekend in this once in a year event. Expect to have a full relaxation of hotels that can offer you 3 – 5 days accommodation with inclusions like food, admission tickets and the like.

If you want to get the best accommodation from 5 star or 4-star Darwin CBD hotels, it is best if you book now. Expect that this event will garner huge visitors and participants, which like you would love to get the best available accommodations.

Concerts / Live music

Your ears will not only be filled with roar and rev of cars but also good music from famous Australian singers and bands. Not only car enthusiasts would benefit from this event but also music lovers of all ages.

This is an excellent way to give everyone a break from the adrenaline rush and shake off all the tension they felt while watching a high-speed racing.

You may want to choose the venue and the type of concert you will attend, in case you will tag along with your kids with you.


If you are not satisfied with the free food from the hotel, then do not hesitate to go to restaurants in Darwin that offer great and appetising food for you and the entire family. If you are in Darwin, you should never skip their classic restaurants and delicacies. Do not just full your eyes with great cars but also your stomach with great food.

Breathtaking views and sceneries

Darwin should be visited not only during Triple Crown V8 Supercars event but all throughout the year. They have great places to visit and other activities to enjoy. They have beaches, museums, and parks that are worth to pay a visit. These side activities can be a good filler during the time no cars are scheduled to race or before or after the event proper. This can maximise your vacation to the extreme.


And for ladies turn to enjoy, shopping would be a great deal indeed. While the big boys are busy watching cars on the track, the girls can go to markets within Darwin to shop. Bring home some souvenirs from the event and keep the memories alive forever.

Darwin Triple Crown V8 Supercars happen only once in a year, hence giving yourself the chance to experience it is highly recommended. Do not worry though as this event has more to offer than just the car racing itself.