Interesting Things About Dart Boards

The history of dart boards


Darts alone have been used for years and years. Back in the fourteenth century, the British military used darts in their free time. However, they would typically throw at a tree or similar items rather than a board.


Later, near the end of the nineteenth century, the board to use with the darts were also invented! In 1896, Brian Gamblin, a carpenter, invented modern darts as we know today as well as the dart board to use his new invention on.


Even later, just a decade after the invention of modern darts and the dart board, a pub owner was taken into court after introducing the new dart game to his business. The reason behind taking this pub owner into court was simply that people claimed that playing darts was a game of chance, which was illegal to play at that time.


Where do we find them?


Nowadays, dart boards and darts are found in many different places. They are easy to find in stores if you wish to purchase your own set. However, there are also grand tournaments aired on television of professional dart players. If you are interested to buy, see Avid Darts boards for a new one.


Today, they are more often found in pubs with the change of certain laws and regulations the pubs need to follow.


What is the point of the game?


A dart board is very similar to a target for shooting a gun. The point of playing darts is to throw the pointy tip of the dart towards the board. Similar to a target, the centre point of the dart board has a higher point value in the game, the only difference is that the sections on a dart board are separated much differently from a target.


With this game airing on TV, many people are millionaires from playing this game while others have gone bankrupt from this gambling game.


What are the costs of something like this?


The dart boards have a very fluctuating price and can cost anywhere from 15$ to over 300$! The amount will depend purely on where you purchase your board and the quality of your purchase.


The darts, on the other hand, they also have a wide range of prices on the market. While the quality also changes with the price, some darts can be found for as little as 5$ for a pack of 3, and some up to and over 100$ for the real steel darts as would be used by professional dart players. Before purchasing a pack of darts or a dart board, it’s important to understand how often you plan on using them as they can be very costly if you look for high-quality boards used by professionals.


Take this article into consideration when making your next dart or dart board purchase. Now you just that little bit extra about the history of the world-famous game! Now, you will never have a dull moment again, the moment you feel like having real fun with your friends, you now have a very good option – dart boards.


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