Personal Water Craft Seadoo Jetski

Technically, Jet Ski is a brand name. The brand name should also technically belong to the PWC or Personal Water Craft category. However, the success of the Jet Ski has people refer it to all kinds and models of PWC.


Jet Ski and Sea Doo


Jet Ski

The first PWC to become a commercial success was called Jet Ski. It is supposed to be a brand name when it was first commercially launched. Now Jet Ski has become a generic name for all types of personal watercraft.

The Jet Ski was a stand-up model that became famous worldwide for its robust and fast high performance. The Jet Ski is actually inspired by speedy motorcycle models.

The Jet Ski’s speed performance makes it the fast sea motorcycle. The stand-up model is highly recommended for people who want to experience the most fun and adventure on the water.



During the 1960s, a PWC sit-down model was first introduced. The success of the first sit-down PWC model was limited, later to be withdrawn from the market.

After twenty years, a Canadian company dared to make a comeback for the sit-down PWC model. Between the years 1989-2003, the creation of the Sea-Doo started a revolution to become a stiff competitor for the stand-up “Jet Ski” models.

The success story of the Sea-Doo is a continuing one. During the latter part of 2014, the whole industry of PWCs was galvanised with the introduction of a lighter and cheaper model. The newest model guarantees maximum enjoyment despite being cheaper and lighter.



The Sea-Doo edge


The cutting-edge seadoo watercraft has above the rest in the industry includes:


Advanced Ergonomic system

Cornering becomes amazingly controlled with the advanced ergonomic features.

Ergolock Seat

Legs get better control when it can be locked in the deep knee pockets. Upper body fatigue is reduced with the race-inspired and narrow seats. This feature optimises comfort when you become one with the machine.

Angled Footwells

Locking in during hard cornering is allowed using the angled footwells feature.


Advanced Hull Design

The wider hull is an improved hull design offering stability whether at rest, pounding rough waters or boarding from the side. This means gaining the ultimate ride anytime you need it.


1503 ROTAX Engine

The engine guarantee:

  • Reliable service any time and all the time
  • High performance when you need it most
  • Fuel economy
  • Low overall weight
  • Easy to maintain
  • Proven power


Four varied driving modes

The ITC or Intelligent Throttle Control allows adjustment to four varied driving modes.

Sport & Touring Mode

Whatever the activity or riding style, the varied responses of the throttle easily allows the setup.

ECO Mode

The ECO Mode is an exclusive feature with the enhanced fuel efficiency of up to 46%. This unique feature determines automatic delivery of power at its most economical.

Cruise Mode

This feature allows you the ability to set speeds for navigating no-wake zones, cruising, tow sports, and more.

SKI Mode

Every time can produce the perfect line. A consistent pace and smooth launch is made possible with the five varied acceleration features included.









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