Top Sponsors

Top Sponsors of Darwin V8 supercars

With the Darwin triple-crown coming and drawing crowds and racers to its Hidden Valley track, the race requires several sponsors to keep itself running year after year, and although the lineup of the sponsors changes as often as the drivers and contestants in the race, it’s always good to look back and see the people and companies that make the race possible.

The Sky City Casino:

This casino, located in Darwin, is rated 5-stars and located by the raceway. It also boasts the Sky Tower, a 328-meter tower that gives you great views of Auckland, along with three restaurants, free Wi-Fi, and even activities for the family on school holidays. It also lets you do 192-meter base jumps and skywalks around the platform, allowing you to see the surrounding area in a different light. The casino below sports wonderful meals from 20 restaurants, various casino games, and activities including a 700 seat theater which is available for rent, and standard to Premium hotel rooms, it had been a longtime supporter of the Darwin triple crown until our second sponsor took over. Also, by 2015 the Skycity Triple Crown was unclaimed in history, as no driver had won the three races in the weekend of the event.


Crownbet is a betting app that brings the odds, promotions, and statistics of various horse and sporting events to your phone, and also allows live streaming of certain events. It continually updates in real time to allow you to bet and manage your money, and a Crownbet card is available for you to not only use during betting but it also allows you to access and use your winnings instantly from the card through Visa. Crownbet rewards points are also offered when bets are placed through a rewards program, also giving you exclusive competitions and other events. The points can then be used for tickets, vouchers, and other items. Crown bet took over from SkyCity in 2018, bringing money for the raceway for infrastructure in order to make this year’s race better.

Motorsports NT:

While not a sponsor itself, motorsports NT has been an umbrella for the various racing groups in Auckland starting in 2007 and it has grown from 6 clubs to 20 clubs during 2017 the clubs now hold 10,500 members, officials, and volunteers. Motorsports NT represents the racing groups, including the Darwin Triple crown, to the government allowing them to continue with funding and using their land for events. They care about giving the most information possible to the government to allow races and events to remain a top priority. It also helps the government understand that the races help to fuel the economy and that giving money and time towards the races then pumps almost 80 million into the economy. They also scout for volunteers and help promote the various events and races, bringing in new fans and clubs to further enhance the economy.

The Darwin Triple Crown and its supercars are important for New Zealand, but they cannot exist without the sponsors, volunteers, and organizations that support them with their time, money, and major fanbases that support the racers and the races themselves. The three sponsors listed here are but many of the groups that support the races and the track that holds them.