Hot Dub Time Machine & Russell Morris

The party continues, Hot Dub style!

Hot Dub Time Machine helps us celebrate two decades of Darwin Supercars as the world’s first time-travelling party! Taking you on a dance through pop music history, Hot Dub Time Machine has smashed main stages across the globe, delivering his unique and masterfully executed concept. With a mix of live vinyl video scratching and sheer showmanship, you’ll want to see what all the fuss is about. Dress up in your retro best for the ultimate travel through the decades!

In addition to Hot Dub Time Machine is Aria’s Hall of Fame inductee, and #1 selling Platinum artist, pop legend Russell Morris. Known best for his best-selling release, ‘The Real Thing’, Morris had had a string of hits from across the decades, and is still producing award winning tunes across the Aussie charts today.

Dress up and shake-your-groove-thing for Sunday night at RACE & ROCK!